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There is a Difference - The management of parking facilities usually ranks relatively low on the responsibility and priority list of all of the areas a general manager or director oversees. Yet, the impact from parking can be relatively great as can the impact from customer service, or lack thereof. The amount of time necessary to manage all of the little tasks related to parking is just as labor intensive as all of the other areas that management is responsible for. Let us help you focus on your customers, tenants, and guests, and let Valet Parking Service be your parking department and manage your property's parking operation!
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Types of Agreements



Management Agreement. A fee is paid to Valet Parking Service to manage the parking operation and all associated costs are reimbursed by the property manager or owner.

Hourly Rate. A fixed hourly rate is paid to Valet Parking Service by the property manager or owner.

Lease Agreement. A rental payment is paid to the property manager or owner by Valet Parking Service. Typically the rent usually consists of a fixed amount plus a percentage of the parking revenues in excess of an agreed upon amount.

Revenue Share. A percentage share of the revenues is paid to owner / manager.

The company has also specified, and installed state of the art revenue control systems at various locations that, after amortized over the term of the agreement, become the property of the location.

We are familiar with and have experience with the many revenue control systems but not limited to:

Amano MgGann
Federal APD
Flash Valet

Online Payments and Reservations

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